The 2022 CNPA Award for General Excellence in Digital Publishing

India Currents had an exceptional week, being honored with two distinguished awards by the California News Publishers Association (CNPA). The first award, the General Excellence Award for Digital Publishing, acknowledged the outstanding efforts of India Currents in producing high-quality content that authentically represents our community.

The second award recognized the exceptional writing in the Chai with Sahelis project.

Throughout the past year, we have been at the forefront of covering groundbreaking stories, including hate crimes against Indian Americans, the midterm elections, and the profound impact of the pandemic on our lives, health, and families.

The judges commended India Currents for “crafting stories that possess a clear and captivating focus, featuring a diverse range of perspectives while keeping our core audience in mind. The wide variety of subjects covered by India Currents truly engages and captivates readers.

Chai with Sahelis

Meera Kymal and Anjana Najarajan-Butaney won Third place, in Column (Digital) for their groundbreaking series.

The image shows a woman with her head covered by a veil
Hiding by Tanya Momi 1200 x 675-16

Chai with Sahelis addressed the taboo issue of domestic violence in Indian American families through the eyes of survivors. Insider accounts revealed the complex web of immigration chokeholds, cultural norms, and intimate partner violence, that trap vulnerable women. Reporting included legal and social recourse available.

Our reporters were invited to present their findings at symposiums for Indiaspora, the USC Center for Health Journalism, the National Association for Hispanic Journalists, and the USC Annenberg Board, while mainstream media  (San Diego Union-Tribune) also published their work.

The CNPA judges commented- “Informative. Solid writing. Well done columnists.