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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

Raise your voice for a cause

The amazing evening of the Narika Annual Gala came alive on this starry night with around 400 patrons gathered on the lawns of the beautiful Wente Vineyard, Livermore. The cause – fight domestic violence and support the survivors, which the Narika team has experienced, grew three times during the period of COVID-19. 

Fund Raising

Every Patron who attended was inspired by the vision and purpose that Narika has nurtured for almost 30 years. Many of them have donated generously for the cause over the years and continue to appreciate the work being done. We salute them for their commitment to our cause. 

They came with warm open hearts and more importantly open wallets, and donated yet another year, very generously to keep the mission alive and kicking. Narika announced the establishment of a permanent facility, a Transition House for housing domestic abuse survivors until they find their bearings with help from the community in the Bay Area. With the generosity of the Patrons seen tonight, it is clearly a goal we will move quickly towards, in addition to the regular activities of supporting the survivors through a crucial period of their lives as they get out of abusive relationships and find their place in the sun and dare to dream again! 

I had tears in my eyes, as I watched a domestic abuse survivor, narrate her experience and yet end on a positive note of hope. I almost felt guilty for being blessed with a life of abundance and fulfillment and felt like sharing some of that with her and others like her, right away!” – a Patron

Multiple Successful Events in a Night

Mona Khan Dance Company deserves a big thanks and a warm hug for the perfect song selection “Sakhi” from Satymev Jayate. The lyrics expressed Narika’s mission and message very well “ Aansun ke sang naa bahungi sakhi, Ab naa mein gumsum rahungi sakhi, Sehne se behtar kahungi sakhi”. The message “Enough, I will not bear this anymore!), so powerfully and beautifully emoted and conveyed by the dancers. 

The Narika Bazaar set up with some fabulous, donated paintings, jewelry, clothing, and other items was a roaring success, one could see Patrons generously picking things up.

Narika’s art auction at their gala.
Narika’s art auction at their gala.


We give heartfelt thanks to the local Bay Area artists who donated their works of art to be auctioned off to Patrons at the Gala. Their paintings not only added color to the event but provided some fabulous insights into the minds of the artists as they created a smorgasbord of paintings on the domestic violence theme yet giving a positive message of hope through their work. Kudos to all of them. 

We thank our media partners Radio Zindagi, Radio Mirchi, India Post, India Currents, and Indica News for spreading the word about our mission. 

And finally, we thank all of our Patrons without whom our mission would just be a pipe dream. Because of them, countless survivors of domestic violence Dare to Dream!

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