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Pop artist and singer-songwriter Siddhant Bhosle’s prolific musical journey often means shuttling between the shores of California and Mumbai. Son of playback singer Sudesh Bhosle, Siddhanth is carving out a niche for himself with successful numbers to his credit like his recent romantic single, Yun, in collaboration with singer-songwriter, Sanah Moidutty. He just dropped a quirky marriage number, Var Vadhu, with musician Denny. With over 5 million career streams on his independent releases in less than two years since his debut, Bhosle continues to emerge as one of the most promising singer-songwriters in India.

Previously, he spoke to India Currents at the release of his independent single, Nadaniya, featuring Bollywood actress Sana Saeed and shot in Los Angeles.  This modern-age pop funk record, sung and composed by Bhosle, is an upbeat, groovy number, a breakaway from his soulful numbers thus far. His previous songs include Din Aur Raatein Acoustic ft. Nikhita Gandhi (2020), Fida (2020), Khoya ft. Sukriti Kakar (2022), and Tu Hi Bata ft. Nikhita Gandhi (2022).

In this exclusive interview with India Currents, Siddhanth shares, among other things, the inspiration behind Nadaniya, shooting in LA, and his earliest musical influences.

The interview was edited for language and clarity.

IC: Tell our readers about your single, Nadaniya, the idea and inspiration behind it.

SB: Nadaniya is one of the most upbeat songs I have put out to date. It is inspired by a lot of global pop, funk, disco, and dance music genres. I have always put out some chilled, soft, and soulful songs. But I felt like I also wanted to showcase the other side of my personality. Also, we are out of these very difficult two years that everyone had. So, I wanted to give a little bit of an energetic lift to the mood around me. It was one of the very first melodic ideas I had recorded on my phone (in voice notes). I just wanted to write music by living in the moment, because there are so many distractions around us. We have our phones and so many other things that stop us from truly doing something that we want to. The song exactly talks about that – it tells the listeners to live free. 

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IC: Tell us about the song’s video, which features Sana Saaed and was shot in six different locations in Los Angeles.

SB: The music video was shot in lots of different parts of LA. We squeezed the shoot into two days. The first day was all outdoor and night shooting. Sana was so good to work with, and we hadn’t met before the shoot. We just connected, and it was very chill. I am glad that she also connected with the song. I wanted to dance in a music video. It’s a fun little challenge I had for myself. I had to take some time out to learn the choreography and practice with the dancers. It’s always a lot of fun to go through the whole process. Fans seem to love it based on all the messages I am getting.

IC: You are playback singer Sudesh Bhosale’s son. Tell us about some of your earliest musical influences.

SB: I was born into a house where Bollywood music was played 24 hours a day. Kishore Kumar’s voice was playing all the time along with Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, and Asha Bhosle. I have grown up watching from the wings my dad perform live all around the world. It’s always been a great learning experience to watch him being onstage. He would have the whole stadium of fans eating out of his hand! 

My grandmother Suman Bhosle, a renowned Agra gharana classical singer herself,  gave me my first Hindustani classical lesson. My first guitar lessons were given by my grandfather Ashok Kumar Saraf. He is a guitarist and founder member of Melody Makers, a popular orchestra in Pune that accompanied Kishore Kumar for all his tours and shows. My mom is a Western classical pianist. So, I got to hear Western classical, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and other global pop music. 

IC: Tell us more about your band, Red Seems Right.

SB: Everyone in their school or college kind of goes through this rock phase and an electronic music phase. I was definitely on the rock side. We used to listen to a lot of Porcupine Tree, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other great bands. In college, some of my close friends got together and thought of forming a band. Back then the independent music scene was growing in Mumbai. We got to perform at High Spirits, Blue Frog, and other venues in the Mumbai-Pune independent scene. 

IC: Apart from being a musician, you are also a voice artist for various Disney Channel serials. Tell us more about that.

SB: I have gotten better at this because of my dad’s vocal skills and his extensive experience with voiceovers, ads, and dubbing, and his special talent at mimicry. Growing up I had the opportunity to do some Hindi and Marathi dubbing for famous cartoons like The Lion King, Phineas and Ferb, and many others. 

IC: What are you working on next?

SB: For the past two years, I have been going back and forth between Mumbai and LA. I have been working on my new music as well as songwriting and composing for other artists based in LA. My main goal is to put out a lot of original music consistently and share it with listeners. 

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