VOSAP Delivers Message at UN

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The twelfth  conference of 177 countries/state parties (COSP12) for UN CRPD (Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities) was attended by the of VOSAP team. Manushree Desai and Shivam Saran (students at USC and Emory Universities respectively) delivered the message of voice of SAP during 6th meeting of representatives of 178 countries.

VOSAP team also witnessed India’s statement at UN CRPD, delivered by Secretary, Department of Empowerment of PwD, MSJE, Govt of India, Mrs Shakuntala Gamlin. Very optimistic per statements of every nation, sharing their achievement and initiative to mainstream Specially Abled People.

VOSAP team met with Ambassador, Dy Secretary and similar high ranking representatives at UN from Govt. of Canada, Qatar, Malaysia, Burkina Faso (West Africa) and several representatives of global NGOs.

21st century is for Empowerment of 1 BN+ SAP/PwD. 178 countries, UN CRPD is driving this.


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