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A GoFundme page has been created for Indian-American middle schooler Dhriti and her family after she along with her brother and her father were struck by a car in Sunnyvale by34-year-old Isaiah Peoples. At present, the crime is being treated as an alleged hate crime by the FBI. Read details of the Gofundme fundraiser below.

Dhriti (13 years) and her family are targets of the intentional Sunnyvale crash while walking back home from the library. Dhriti has suffered life threatening injuries including severe brain injuries and is currently on life support. Dhriti is a grade 7 student at Sunnyvale Middle School. She is a sweet little girl who is kind to everyone and always stole our hearts with her generosity.

Dhriti, her brother and father were walking in a cross-walk when a car plowed into them. In this crime the driver intentionally targeted them based on their ethnicity / perceived religion. While our hearts and prayer go to Dhriti for her speedy recovery but a huge medical bill and potential rehab costs are expected for her recovery.

We, friends of Dhriti’s family, who were touched by her and her family’s caring and helpful nature, are actively working with family members and other friends along with appropriate organizations and organizing this fund raising campaign to support the family at this difficult time. The beneficiaries  of this campaign will be Dhriti’s father ‘Rajesh Narayan’ and her mother.

Appreciate, if you could kindly support Dhriti and her family by making a donation and share this message to your Friends and Families. This will greatly help Dhriti’s family with expenses ahead.

THANK YOU in advance for your generosity.