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Srishti Prabha served as the Managing Editor of India Currents till April 2022. Srishti attended Northeastern University in Boston and graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science. After working in academic science, she began to confront the oppression of women and minorities in higher education. This led to her pursuit of a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Harvard University to better understand culture-specific interventions to help marginalized communities.

Before joining India Currents, Srishti was a Public Ally Fellow. As a Public Ally, she worked on the effects of gentrification in East Palo Alto through journalism at EPA Today. She is passionate about diversifying spaces, preserving culture, and removing barriers to equity. She has found that community media and journalism are the perfect blend of anthropology and advocacy. Narratives catered to the community it serves, allows us to give voice and agency to those that have none.