Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Temple August 2018 Events

Friday, August 3rd: Sri Aadi pathinettam perukku aadi masam, 18th Day.

Sunday, August 5th: Evening at 4.00 PM, Aadi kritikai kavadi festival.

Thursday, August 9th: Evening at 6.00 PM, Pradosham, Shiva Sri Rudra abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Monday, August 13th: Evening at 6.30 PM, Thiruvaadi pooram, Sri bhoga srinivasa murthy abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Thursday, August 16th: Evening at 8.30 PM, Sukla sashti vratha, Sri Valli Deva Sena sametha, Sri Subramanya sahasra nama archana.

Friday, August 24th: Sri Vara Lakshmi vratha / pooja.

  •   1st Batch:  6.00 AM
  •   2nd Batch: 7.00 AM
  •   3rd Batch:  8.00 AM
  •   4th Batch:  9.00 AM
  •   5th Batch:  10.00 AM
  •   6th Batch:  12.00 Noon

Please bring the following items for the Sri Vara Lakshmi vratha, pooja / vratha: turumeric powder, kumkum, sandal powder, agarbathi, camphor, beetle leaves 6, beetle nuts 4, coconut, variety of fruits, flowers, Sri Vara Lakshmi deity (silver mukham), silver kalasam (if you have it), pancha pathira uttarani kalasa, vasthram, small deepam and prasadam for naivedyam.

Evening at 4.00 PM, Sri Bhuwaneswari / Sri Lalitha Devi abhisheka continued with Sri Lalitha sahasra nama chanting, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Evening at 6.00 PM, Samoohika Sri Vara Lakshmi vratha / Pooja, aarati and manthra pushpa. Please bring the following items for Sri Vara Lakshmi vratha samoohika Pooja: turmeric powder, kumkum, flowers, variety of fruits, and prasadam for naivedhyam.

Saturday, August 25th: Rig Upakarma, only one batch in the morning at 7.30 AM. Please contact the temple for further details.

Sunday, August 26th: Yajur Upakarma avani avittam brahmacharis samithathanam, kamokarishith japam, brahma yagnam, maha sankalapam, noothana yagnopaveeda dharanam, Kandha Rishi tharpanam, Sri Vigneswhara / Sri Vishwekshena aaradhana, pooja, Varuna Sahitha, Sri Veda Vysa Pooja, homa, vedha arambham, Asseer vahdham and Theertha prasada viniyogam.

  • 1st Batch:    6.00 AM 
  • 2nd Batch:   8.00 AM 
  • 3rd Batch:    10.00 AM 
  • 4th Batch:    12.00 Noon 

Please bring the following items for the Avani Avittam upakarma pancha pathira: Uttarani plate (thambalam), rice, moong dhall, jaggery, black seaseme seeds, (black / ellu / till. nalla nuvulu), variety of fruits, flowers, coconut beetle leaves 4, beetle nuts 2, prasadm for naiveddhyam.

Please bring the following items for the Thalai Avani Avittam: 1st year pratha sravanam, vadus brahmacharis sundal, appam, and prasadam for naivedhyam. Please contact the temple for further details.

Evening at 4.00 PM, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi abhisheka, Sri Valli Deva Sena sametha, Sri Subramanya abhisheka, Sri Shiva abhisheka aarati and manthra pushpa.

Evening at 7.00 PM, Sri Pournami vratha / Pooja, Sri Sathya Narayana Swamy vratha / Pooja, aarati and manthra pshpa.

Monday, August 27th: Morning at 7.00 AM, Sri Gayathri japam / homam, arati and manthra pushpam. Please contact the temple for further details.

Wednesday August 29th: Evening at 5.00 PM, Sri Maha Sankata Hara chathurthi, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi homa / Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Sunday, September 2nd: Evening at 4. 00 PM, Kritika vratha, Sri Valli Deva Sena sametha, Sri Subramanya abhisheka, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi abhisheka, Sri Shiva abhisheka aarati and manthra pushpa.

Evening at 6.00 PM, Sri Gokula Asthami, Sri Krisha Janma Asthami vaikanasa munithraya, Sri Jayanthi Pooja, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day weekend timings, Sri Pancha Rathra Sri Jayanthi




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