Seeking Stories from DV Survivors

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I am an Indian living in the USA and writing a book on Indian women in abusive marriages. I would like to hear your story. This is my effort to bring awareness about women in these situations, and to help them regain their self-respect, dignity and pride. Please feel free to share how you got into this abusive relationship and if you are still in it, or how you got out. Please let me know when you began to see the signs of abuse. I know it is not easy speaking about this, but speaking out will save others. Your identity, location, and any other personal information will not be published. Let us stop this kind of abuse in the United States and in India, and give abused women the courage to take charge of their lives, and to break out of their situations. This is also extended to Men who are in the same situation. Please email your story to  [email protected]

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