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On March 30-31, 2019 thousands will have the rare opportunity to learn directly from Sadhguru, leader of a global yoga movement that is transforming the lives of millions everywhere. Founder of the Isha Foundation, an international non-profit run by an astonishing 7 million volunteers around worldwide, he developed Inner Engineering to be a comprehensive process to align the body, emotions and energy. The program gives you tools and solutions to empower and create your life the way you want it.

“Inner Engineering is neither a religion, nor a philosophy or dogma. It is a technology for wellbeing. One does not have to believe or disbelieve, just has to learn to use. Technology will produce results irrespective of who you are,” says Sadhguru. He points out,“Today, for most people the word “yoga” usually conjures up images of twisting the body into impossible postures. The physical aspect of yoga is only one facet of this multi dimensional science. Yoga is a technology to bring the body and mind to the peak of their capabilities allowing one to live life to the fullest.”

A provocative and engaging thought leader, Sadhguru has been invited to speak at the world’s leading political and academic forums, including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, Harvard School of Medicine and many more. He is a prolific author of over fifty titles including the New York Times best-seller Inner Engineering, A Yogi’s Guide to Joy. His life and work serve as reminders that the inner science of yoga is not esoteric philosophy from an outdated past but is absolutely relevant and applicable to our lives today.

Inner Engineering participants learn a simple 21-minute daily practice called Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. Rooted in the ancient yogic sciences, this practice is now being studied for its many physical and psychological health benefits, including: dramatic improvement in sleep quality, reduction of symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improvement from chronic ailments such as hypertension, migraines, and asthma. With regular practice of the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, it can go beyond just relief of superficial symptoms and address the root cause of ailments, providing you with holistic wellbeing.

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About Isha Foundation: Isha Foundation is dedicated to raising human consciousness and fosters global harmony through individual transformation. The foundation offers a variety of programs that provide methods for anyone to attain physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This international organization has initiated several large-scale environmental, social and economic projects aimed at alleviating poverty, supporting rural rejuvenation, promoting education reform, and restoring rivers and farmland.