A team of leading scientists, artists and business leaders deliver a series of cutting-edge presentations entitled “A New Paradigm: Veda, Consciousness, The Ramayana, and the Self.”

The event explores the meeting point of science and spirituality by presenting research that reveals the profound relationship between Vedic sound and the health and vitality of the mind and body.

The speakers at this event come from diverse backgrounds. Tony Nader, neuroscientist and researcher, will headline the event as the keynote speaker with his presentation, “Embodying Totality.” John Hagelin, a quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace, will speak on “Consciousness and the Unified Field.” Ramani Ayer, Chairman and CEO of Hartford Financial Services Group, will speak on “Enlightened Leadership and World Peace.”


The speakers explore three primary themes in the presentation. The first theme explores the cosmic nature of the individual. The sounds of the Veda have been found to reside in the physiology on the vibratory level. These sounds become the physiology—the brain, the heart—the whole physiology is seen from this perspective as a replica of Veda and the Vedic literature. The practical application of this has been documented by original research conducted by medical doctors and scientists that demonstrates the effectiveness of these Vedic sounds for creating brain coherence and for the treatment of chronic disorders.
The second theme explores the applications of this discovery on the collective level of society.


The frontiers of modern physics and the development of Unified Field theories point to the understanding that this field of natural law is one and the same as the fundamental level of life described by Vedic Science. The presentation will review evidence that large groups of thousands of peace-creating Vedic pandits are capable of changing the destiny of mankind by applying Vedic technologies of consciousness from the deepest level of consciousness—the common unified source of both science and religion.

The third theme of the presentation explores Nader’s book, “Ramayan in Human Physiology,” developed over a 10-year period under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It describes the profound correlation between the characters, details and happenings of the Ramayana with every part of the human physiology. “It will serve as a revelation to those who desire a greater understanding of the unity underlying all that makes us human,” said Gary P. Kaplan, Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at Hofstra University School of Medicine.n

Sunday, April 15, 4:30-8:00 p.m. India Community Center, 525 Los Cochos St., Milpitas. $10 (includes dinner), $15 at door. www.Events2Please.com (610)504-9182.

Vandana Kumar is a publishing executive with a 35-year track record in the industry. She leads the India Currents Foundation as President and CEO. As a new immigrant, she co-founded India Currents magazine...