Mother’s Day Tribute


Everyone says I resemble my mother. I used to look at myself in the mirror, and try to find her. I could see how true that was. I was an image of her. Today, I realize, I can never resemble her completely.

While every mother is special and does the best for her child, I have always felt that my mom was different from others. At an age when girls had crushes on celebrities she would ask her mother if Rajendra Kumar could be her brother!

Ever the perfectionist, she would pour her heart and soul into everything she did—be it cooking the perfect tasting dish, or finding the most unique dress within her means. My mom was my best friend. I had fun with her, shopping for that elusive outfit, eating the food we relished. There was comfort in knowing that she knew me deep inside, flaws, weaknesses and strengths.

Today as I live life, making choices and siezing opportunities, I take solace in knowing that I still preserve a part of her in me. Be it trying to cook the same food she did, using the samer recipes she taught me, going to the the gurudwara, looking for perfection in simple tasks, I will always be my mother’s daughter. Happy Mother’s Day!

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