All of us enjoy looking at healthy roses in our gardens come May. For those healthy blooms, there are three things that you need to do now in the garden.

Since we’ve had a very wet winter, make sure that there is no standing water around the base of the plant. Use a stick to poke around the base of the plant so that the water drains.

  1. Cut the rose bushes down to 2 feet in height and get rid of stems that converge inward. Trim them in such a way that the stems open up to the outside. When stems converge inward, insects can proliferate once the bush has leaves in springtime.
  2. To prevent mildew (whitish substance that coats leaves) and rust (black spots on leaves), use a copper spray when the bush is still dormant. Using a copper spray now when the plant is in dormancy will promote healthier plants and blooms in spring.
  3. As soon as you trim the plant, use fertilizer at the base of the plant.

Enjoy beautiful blooms in May by doing a little bit of work now!

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