Induz organized the “Induz Dandiya” fundraiser on the evening of September 24th 2011 at Centerville Junior High School in Fremont. “Dandiya” is a traditional folk dance of India from Gujarat state. It is played with 2 sticks and is very gracious and energetic dance, which has its own form of style and art to it.

This fundraiser event was intended to raise funds for their Apollo arts project, which provides arts and dance opportunities to low income elementary schools in Bay Area and continue to support the Tulika project, which provides support for art, music, and dance instruction for under privileged children in orphanages in India.

The event was sold out a day before the event with attendance in excess of 1000 people.

The event started at 7:30pm and had its peak attendance at 9:00pm. There was a traditional Garba dance performance by students of Areodance Academy, which really helped set the tone for the rest of the night.


The attendees were pleased with the organization and execution of the event. The event was family oriented which accounted for many of the attendees being younger then 12 years of age. The event even a hosted a separate area for kids crafts and arts. Taruna Birla, one of the attendee, who came to the event with her young daughter, said, “We really enjoyed the event today and we are looking forward to more of such family oriented events.”

Induz Dandiya was the first Bay Area Dandiya event to ever feature a spectacular laser lights show which was enjoyed, in particular by the kids.

Dr. Sharvari Dixit and Troupe, very popular and well-known Bay Area artists, performed the music for the event. They kept the attendees entertained throughout and kept the dancing going well through the night.

Said Shaloo Keswani, one of the attendees, “Congratulations to the Induz volunteer team for a fabulous event. Considering that this is the first time that Induz organized an Dandiya event, it was hugely successful and professional executed.” During the event, Anu Natarajan, Council Member for the City of Fremont, congratulated the Induz team for the success of the event and the work that they are doing for under privileged children in India and the Bay Area. She presented a Proclamation on behalf of the Mayor of the City of Fremont, Bob Wasserman, to Induz founder and President, Ray Mitra. Ray added, “I am very pleased with the quality of the event which was delivered by the Induz volunteer team. Given that this was the first time that Induz has organized such an event, it was a great success in my eyes and we hope to do more of these events in the coming years.The planning and execution of the event lead by Sanjay and Neha Saxena was remarkable. This was due to the volunteers working together for a common cause.”

About Induz

Induz is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization driven by Silicon Valley professionals with a passion to promote art and culture across the globe through its mission Where Art Meets Heart (WAMH). WAMH aims to (1) nurture artistic talents by exposing individuals to the world of art and culture, (2) promote and encourage the awareness and aptitude towards art and culture in young ones by setting up art programs in remote areas globally where underprivileged children can learn art, music, and dance, (3) use art as a medium to bring diverse communities & cultures together, and (4) encourage volunteerism, spirit of giving and active participation.

For more information about Induz or to make a donation, please visit www.induz.org
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