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Who are we?

India Currents Foundation (ICF) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that promotes community journalism, civic engagement and heritage arts in the United States. Tax ID: 83-3257703

India Currents Foundation works in several ways to support community journalism. We target subjects and viewpoints not served by the mainstream media. We collaborate with other independent media outlets. We work with schools to train the next generation of journalists. We experiment with technology.

India Currents Foundation helps fill significant gaps in coverage on South Asian issues. Your donation will help us tell these stories.

What is our mission?

The mission of the Foundation is to advocate for and elevate the voices of minority communities, in particular the South Asian population in the United States, into the national discourse, including through reporting and distributing stories to and from ethnic and minority communities, training next generation journalists, and facilitating forums and community programs.

What do we do?

We work with individual and institutional donors to fund projects aimed at:

(i) Providing on-the-ground community participation and filling the geographic and topical gaps left by mainstream media companies. You can find many of these stories about arts and culture, social trends and history at

We have created a vast reservoir of immigrant experiences which are of great interest to all Americans, new immigrants, educational institutions as well as government organizations. 

(ii) Building partnerships with ethnic media organizations on projects to amplify important and collaborative work.

(iii) Testing new technology to gather and distribute content in the way consumers want to get it. The media landscape is changing at breakneck speed. We are collaborating with Ethnic Media Services and Democracy Labs to test new tools.

(iv) Supporting the next generation of journalists with internships and training. We are working to train and mentor students so they have the tools to tell their stories in the digital economy.

How do we do this?

India Currents Foundation is backed by charitable donations from contributors who care about authentic stories, a free press, democratic values and an informed citizenry. We are also supported by advertising 

The foundation works along with India Currents magazine, which has delivered award-winning, trustworthy, stories about the Indian American diaspora for the past 33 years.

Check out our Donor Transparency policy here.

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