Guidelines for Submitting Articles

India Currents is an award-winning magazine which reaches over 200,000 readers, primarily on the West Coast of the United States.

We explore the heritage and culture of India as it exists in the United States of America. Through our print and digital platforms, we cover a wide range of subjects—arts, film, literature, travel, food, healthy living, business—that are of interest to Indian-Americans and Indophiles.

The premise on which India Currents is founded is simple: that Americans of all backgrounds are interested in learning about other world cultures and that they respond to information that is presented to them in an accessible and attractive manner.

We welcome submissions from freelancers, community members and readers. Here are some guidelines:

Kinds of submissions:

(i) Perspectives/Reflections/Commentary/Opinion: 850-1200 words.

Writers can focus on an experience that served as the starting point for a personal reflection or it can be a piece of writing that serves as social commentary. The topics that can be considered under this category are vast and left to the imagination and experiences of the writer. Check out a few essays that we have published recently.

Ranjani Rao writes about her experience of marrying for the second time in this personal reflection. Lakshmi Paleconda pens a humorous essay on attending weddings in India. Saroja Viswanathan shares her feelings on how widows are treated unfairly during Hindu wedding rituals – an essay that serves as a thoughtful social commentary.

(ii) Features: 1000-1500 words.

We invite submissions which are in-depth features on varied subjects. The article can focus on an issue that merits discussion and analysis or it can be a profile of an individual or organization of particular relevance to the Indian-American community. If you are planning to submit a profile, we suggest that you send a preliminary query to before working on the profile.

(iii) Youth: 850-1200 words.

We invite submissions from high school and college students on issues that concern them.

Maya Murthy writes of handling high school pressures in her essay. Swathi Ramprasad shares her feelings on embracing her  identity.

(iv) Healthy Life: 850-1200 words.

In this column, we feature essays that look at various aspects of healthy living.

Geetika Pathania Jain examines the role that yoga plays in her well-being. Vijay Gupta has written a well-researched essay on the underlying causes for chronic pain.

(v) Travel: 1200-1500 words.

The best kind of travel writing helps situate the author within the travel experience and takes the reader along for the journey. Melanie Kumar shares her experience of visiting Bali.

If you have other ideas for submissions that you would like to explore with us, please send an email to our editor Nirupama Vaidhyanathan at




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