Date(s) - Aug 2, 2018 - Aug 5, 2018
12:00 am

Breitenbush Hot Springs


What is consciousness? Is it limited only to the state through which we experience life? Or are there different layers waiting to be explored? These deeper aspects will be discussed by ‘M’ along with theoretical and practical techniques, which will help you in the process of exploring consciousness.

Mumtaz Ali, also called ‘M,’ was born a Muslim and was attracted to Vedantic philosophy at a young age. He is a student, master and teacher of all spiritual traditions. ‘M’ does not choose one religion over another, preferring to live and teach the essence of all religions. He initiates seekers into Kriya Yoga and other practices. ‘M’’s guru was a direct disciple of the great Himalayan Avatar, Babaji. The Kriya he teaches is of that lineage.

M recently authored The Journey Continues–the sequel to the best seller Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master–a Yogi’s Autobiography.

Phone: (503) 854.3320