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Chitresh Das Institute
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Chitresh Das Institute classes are led by teachers who were trained by the great kathak master, Pandit Chitresh Das.  CDI teachers are committed to nurturing the whole  student, mind, body and spirit, through the art of kathak dance.
Presenting world class performances of traditional and innovative Indian classical dance and music as well as cross-cultural and cross-genre collaborations.
Pandit Chitresh Das founded a youth company with Charlotte Moraga as the Director in 2002.  The Chitresh Das Youth Company (CDYC) was formed to provide youth with the opportunity to study directly under this great master.  Charlotte Moraga, who directed the Youth Company for over a decade under Pandit Das, continues to provide the intensive training and pre-professional performance experience.  In addition to training in technique and theory, members learn history, philosophy, mathematics and spirituality that form the foundation of kathak and the philosophy of Pandit Chitresh Das.
The Next Generation Artists Development program will provide selected artists with:

1. Intensive, transformative training in kathak dance technique, movement, theory, upaj (improvisation) and performance

2. Exposure to master artists in related forms (percussion, vocal and others)

3. Guidance in navigating the artist path

4. Performance opportunities to hone one’s craft, develop an artistic voice and build community support

5. Provide next generation artists with funding to create and present original works

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