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Last Word

Sarita Sarvate’s monthly column, Last Word has been featured in India Currents for the last twenty-five years. Her experience as an immigrant who arrived in America to attend graduate school at a time when few Indian women ventured to a foreign land lends her perspective a unique mix of global villager/desi vernacular flavor.
An avid connoisseur of Americana, her columns straddle her native and adopted cultures. The topics she writes about range from global politics, society, culture, feminism, and memoir. She believes in living true to one’s desires and beliefs even if it means being relegated to the margins of society.

Annoyed by the Self-help Cult? You Are Not Alone

An Ode to Wives Who Rule

Now that the election season is here again, I cannot help thinking of Hillary Clinton and what it means to be a woman, a wife, a mother.  I start thinking of the powerful women I know of. There is Arundhati Roy, who famously declared that she did not need a man to...
A Magical Murder Mystery

A Magical Murder Mystery

In an age when costume dramas filmed in exotic locations crowd the airwaves, it is hard to imagine a radio program gripping the world. But that was what happened with Serial.  Until Serial, a celebrity confessing a mea culpa to Terry Gross was the height of broadcast...
A Magical Murder Mystery

I Am India’s Daughter Too

I saw the documentary, India’s Daughter. I did not want to see it; I was wary of an outsider judging India. But my curiosity got the better of me. Shall I tell you why, watching the film, I cried?  If I told you that I cried for Nirbhaya, it would be true and also...
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