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Now & Then

Now and Then is a column about how our cultural, political and social histories are interwoven into our current day experiences. Now and Then also examines how the issues of the day often present themselves in recursive patterns. Jaya Padmanabhan is a journalist, and author of the collection of short stories titled Transactions of Belonging. She was the editor of India Currents from 2012 to 2016.

Go Back to Your Country!

Go Back to Your Country!

Lunchtime at the intersection of Third and Geary in downtown San Francisco is a concerto of movement. Cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, strollers, bags, carts, pets perform a score as they make their way through narrow passageways that open and snap to shapes and bodies....
H-1Bs—The Best and the Brightest?

H-1Bs—The Best and the Brightest?

A relevant piece from our archives, on a topic that is still a hot-button issue. First published on March 14, 2017. What is this notion of the best and brightest? For one, it is the most conflicted banality of the moment. The term is generously used by liberal...
Bret Stephens’ Flawed Logic in Championing Churchill

How to Buy a Green Card

Care to become a green card holder quickly? Looking to avoid the long H-1B lines? All you need is upwards of half a million dollars. That should be the tagline to the EB-5 visa marketing campaign. The EB-5 visa program is a pathway to legal permanent residence for...
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