24 Hour Photo Shoot at Times Square: Test of Artistic Merit and Endurance

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Venkata Krishnan Ganesan a portrait photographer, serial entrepreneur and a visual artist set himself a challenge – to spend 24 hours in Times Square and to photograph the diversity of people at this world famous location. In harsh spring weather of 20 degrees, it was a great test of patience and persistence. It took 2.5 liters of water, 3 energy bars, 5 cups of coffee, of walking15.9 miles a total of 35429 steps between Father Duffy SQ and the U.S army recruitment Centre. He had to overcome not only weather conditions, but also his own barrier of being a South Asian man approaching strangers to convince them to get their pictures taken by him. Speaking to more than 1000 strangers, he managed to get about 680 pictures taken. This added close to a picture that was taken every 2 mins – a minute to talk about his project and another to get the picture right!

Venky came to New York in 2016 to do a photography course to expand his artistic vision at New York Film Academy. All his pictures are available at http://www.24hourstimessquare.com/



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